Child custody and visitation arrangements understandably can spark a lot of emotion in parents. Whether negotiating as a part of divorce proceedings, establishing paternity, or seeking to modify an existing custody order, the process can be a complex one. Custody disputes can also cause unnecessary pain for a child when the proceedings are handled badly. The team at McClain Bespoke Legal Solutions has the knowledge and experience to be both thorough and assertive when fighting for your rights – each case is different, so we plan an individualized approach for each of our clients.

Custody Orders in Texas

Custody, also known as a Conservatorship in Texas, describes a parent’s legal rights and responsibilities over a child. Legal conservatorship can only be created by a court order.
Unless both parents can agree on the rights and responsibilities of a child, a family law judge will decide the terms of conservatorship. A judge will look closely at what arrangements will be in the best interest of the child when deciding the custody terms.

There are a variety of items that can come up when determining child custody and visitation rights in Texas, including:

Contested Custody Disputes

When you and your coparent can’t agree on custody, it’s important have an experienced attorney to help navigate the complex process of establishing rights and duties, possession schedules, and child support. If you and your coparent are not married and establishing custody as part of divorce proceedings, you will likely be filing a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR).

Parenting Plans

Parenting plans are created to establish the process of decision-making and time with children. Establishing a parenting plan helps make sure the process is clear, pre-established, and as easy as possible for your child. The Texas Attorney General’s website gives additional help for creating successful parenting plans.

Child Support

Child support amounts can differ depending on many variables including the financial situation of the parents and the needs of the child. Significant changes in the financial circumstances of either parent might require updates to the child support.

Parental Relocation

Moving across state lines, to a different country, or possibly even to a different city with your child will usually require updates to the child custody and visitation agreement. Relocation cases are often hotly contested when a parent wants to move with a child out of state or to a different country.

Paternity Establishment Orders

Before a biological father can obtain any access and visitation rights by law, he must first legally establish paternity. Without a court order, the father’s access to the child is not guaranteed.

Modification of Child Custody

When a conservator wants to modify a standing custody order, the parent must prove that circumstances have materially and substantially changed for the child since the time of the prior order.


Personalized Legal Help with Your child Custody Case

Protecting your parental rights during a child custody case in Texas is much easier to do with a knowledgeable guide by your side. We highly suggest you discuss your rights and options with a family law attorney in Houston experienced in child custody cases. McClain Legal can advise and help you make the best choices for your family’s situation.

Every family is unique, just as every family law case is unique. As such, your case deserves a personalized strategy and preparation to help find the best path for moving your family forward. You can rely on our legal professionals to provide you with the caring and capable representation you need and deserve.

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